We are ordinary people who simply love God and love people. We believe in doing everything out of selfless love. We want to practically share God’s love with every individual person in Aotearoa.


We have no care for reputation, fame or self-promotion. Jesus is the only one worthy of all the praise. Whether people see what we do or not is irrelevant . What is important to us is that God is glorified and our neighbour is loved.


Everywhere we go we carry a towel, we want to wash people’s feet wherever we go.. Our desire is to serve, we want to serve. Whatever our hand finds to do we do it joyfully unto the Lord.


Barnabas is one of our heroes. We believe encouragement is powerful and everywhere we go we want to encourage people in any way that we can. We want to build people up not tear them down. We believe encouragement unlocks greatness and joy in people’s hearts.


We don’t simply want partnership we are all about relationship, we are the family of God. We want to get to know you, who you are, what you carry and what you are about. We believe that part of being family is having each others backs. Fighting for one another, not walking in comparison but championing each other in what God has called each person to do.


Let’s do this together! God is a creative God. We are all different parts of the body of Christ. We all have different strengths and different weaknesses, we each do things differently. God has called us to walk in unity, that different generations, nationalities, personalities would be one.