There is a hunger stirring that there must be more….

We are longing to give our life for a cause greater than ourselves and to live a life of eternal significance. God is moving in New Zealand, a nation that punches well above its weight. People all over Aotearoa and the world are rising up with vision, faith and expectation for entire nations and are looking for how to turn their faith into action.

Activate New Zealand is a movement of people focused on the vision of seeing:
Every Kiwi Love God, Every Kiwi Love the Church and Every Kiwi Love the Lost.
We have gone through New Zealand connecting with churches, training the body of Christ and reaching high-schools and universities.
This internship is for people to know God more in a real way, and out of that place to be equipped and empowered to make an impact on New Zealand. If you are wanting to live with a heart that burns for Jesus and if you know God has a call for you to reach New Zealand in some way then this internship is for you.
You will be doing life with a community that is wholeheartedly pursuing Jesus and turning their faith for a nation into an everyday lifestyle.

We have created the internship for 2 reasons:

1) For people to have a heart that burns with the love of God and be trained to be able to put their desire to see lives changed into action and make an impact wherever God calls them to be.
2) As an on-ramp to join the Activate team either part-time or full-time and to work together to reach the nation.

There will be practical times of training to empower you with tools to:

– Have an authentic, joyful and deep relationship with God.
– To practically and authentically love people well.
– Walk in freedom to be who God made you to be.
– Partner with God to reach the lost with the gospel, your testimony and the gifts of the Spirit.
– Develop and use your God-given gifts for His glory.
– Practically train others.
– Leadership.
– Bring unity to the body of Christ.

We will also be working together to organize and do a national university tour and other Activate NZ initiatives. All while having tons of fun!

Practical Details about Internship:

Where – Tauranga, New Zealand
Dates – 21 January 2019 – 21 June 2019 (This includes our national tour)
Cost – TBA

You can apply by clicking on the link below or if you have any questions get in touch with us on:

Apply for Internship


What should I expect?
You will jump in with a community and team of people that have said yes to God’s call for their lives. Each week will consist of training, worship and prayer, skill development, project hours and mentoring. We will spend time going after God together and working together on a national tour where we will travel the nation reaching the lost, training the body, being catalysts for unity and making friends all over New Zealand!

How do I raise the money?
As soon as you are accepted for the internship we will walk you through the process of raising financial support. This process of helping you to raise the finances will continue all through the internship, just as we have seen God provide for us He will provide for you.

Will there be time to work to be able to cover costs?
Yes there will be. Our desire would be for you to raise the finances through biblical-based support raising so you do not need to work, but we do realize that this can be difficult and have allowed time to work.

Any other questions: